Paper Selection for the SpaceOPS 2012 Post-Conference Book

More than 300 papers were accepted for presentation at this conference.
Like in the last years it was decided to publish a selection of the papers presented at this conference in book form.

The papers listed on this page will be included, following the recommendations of the technical programm committee. Although being chosen for their high quality, the aim was to select the most representative papers, covering the complete diversity of topics and highlighting the current areas of progress.

The book will be published follwing an update and review process.


ID Title Name Institution Country
Mission Execution (ME)
1257086 Consideration of Space Debris Mitigation Requirements in the Operation of LEO Missions Holger Krag ESA Germany
1257123 FAST: A new MEX Operations concept quickly! Daniel Lakey SciSys Germany
1261910 Emergency Scheduling of Multiple Imaging Satellites with Dynamic Merging Jianjiang Wang National University of Defense Technology China

Planning and Execution of Tele-Robotic Maintenance Operations on the ISS

Mathieu Caron CSA Canada
1275680 The operations of China’s first lunar rover Luhua Xi BACC China
1275915 Efficacy of the Dawn Vesta Science Plan Carol Polanskey JPL United States
1276528 Simplify Ops Voice Comm and Log Keeping David Scott NASA Untied States
1290887 TDX-TSX - On-board autonomy and FDIR of whispering brothers Armin Schwab Astrium Germany
1294460 Innovative Rover Operations Concepts – Autonomous Planner (IRONCAP) – Supporting Rover Operations Planning on Ground Robin Steel VEGA Space Germany
1295418 Pools: A More Efficient Way to Support Spacecraft Operations Alessandro Codazzi DLR Germany
1346272 Reliable Prediction of van Allen Belt crossings using the Integral on-board Radiation monitor. Michael Walker SciSys Germany
Data and Communications System Facilities (DCSF)
1261897 Overview of the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Project Bernard Edwards NASA United States
1263854 Exchanging the central Storage System during Operations Bernd Holzhauer Telespazio Germany

Ten Times More Information in your Real-Time TM

David Evans ESA Germany
1275510 CNES Ground Network renewal : challenges to increase capacity and to reduce costs Jean-Marc Soula CNES France
1291254 Operations for parallel satellite support. Marcin Gnat DLR Germany
1291658 Location Independent Mission Operations: A Systems Engineering Approach to Mobile Device Data Dissemination Edward Birrane JHU/APL United States
1296235 Automating Mid- and Long-Range Scheduling for NASA's Deep Space Network Mark Johnston JPL United States
1311334 Intrinsic Interoperability Of Services: A Dream Or A Key Objective For Mission Operation Systems Mehran Sarkarati ESA Germany
Mission Design and Mission Management (MDMM)

The International Space Station: Unique In-Space Testbed as Exploration Analog

Young Lee JPL United States
1285801 Re-Engineering the Mission Operation System (MOS) for the Prime and Extended Mission Joseph Hunt JPL United States
1293551 Mission Operations Preparation Environment: A new approach for the future Simon Reid RHEA Belgium
1295834 The Keys to Successful Mission Extensions David Seal JPL United States
Training & Knowledge Transfer (TKT)
1275361 Multi-Mission Operator Training Practices Jennifer Reiter LASP United States
1275405 Gamification for Astronaut Training Ferdinand Cornelissen Nspyre Netherlands
Cross Support, Interoperability, and Standards (CSIS)
1274906 Timeline as Unifying Concept for Spacecraft Operations Wiiliam-Kirk Reinholtz JPL United States
1290363 The Delay-Tolerant Networking Experimental Network Constructing
a cross-agency supported internetworking Testbed
Edward Birrane JHU/APL United States
1291553 CCSDS Mission Operations Services for Mission Planning Roger Thompson SciSys United Kingdom
Commercial Space Operations (CSO)
1295493 Commercial Collaboration For Collision Avoidance and Flight Operations David Finkleman Analytical Graphics United States
Launcher, Rocket & Balloon Operations (LBO)
1272937 NASA Space Launch System Operations Strategy Joan Singer NASA United States
University Space Operations (USO)
1296468 A University-developed Comprehensive Open-architecture Space Mission Operations System (COSMOS) to Operate Multiple Space Vehicles Trevor Sorensen Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory United States
1275210 EDRS operations at GSOC – relevant heritage and new developments Ralph Ballweg DLR Germany
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