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1230380 J. Denniston1, T. Uhlig2, A. Gosling Columbus Desktop Trainer: An Alternative Solution to Operations Training INSYEN
1230389 S. Maly1, G. Szucs1, O. Peinado2 Assuring Quality of Service in the Columbus Ground Segment Network Telespazio
1230394 G. Szucs1, S. Maly1, O. Peinado2 Communication Black Holes in Ground Segment Networks Telespazio
1230801 A. G. Romero1, M. Ferreira1 An approach to model-driven architecture applied to space real-time software INPE
1232607 J. Arrieta1 Cloud Computing for Mission Design and Operations JPL
1234422 G. Kazz1, E. Greenberg1, S. Burleigh1 Replacing the CCSDS Telecommand Protocol JPL
1238302 C. Fatig1, W. Ochs1, A. Johns1, B. Seaton1, F. Wasiak1, R. Jones1, C. Adams1, W. Jackson2 Maintaining JWST IT Systems for Long Development Cycles NASA
1239279 J. Li1, P. Yu1, J. Liu1, J. Bai1 Using Space Internet to Implement Spacecraft Automatic Operation and Control Xi’an SCC
1240286 K. Walyus1, T. Gitlin SGSS: Modernizing NASA's TDRS Ground System NASA
1242041 E. Poupart1, A. Cortier2, M. Charmeau1 Modeling Space System to Provide Global Coherency from Design to Operations Phases CNES
1249621 H. Kfir1 Advanced LEO Observation Missions Planning MBT
1250067 Y. F. Wong1, H. C. Shaw1, P. E. Boldosser1, R. Mauk1, J. Winslow2, C. Shulman 3, J. Osborn4 TDRSS Space Ground Link Terminal Forestalls Obsolescence with Component Replacement and Upgrades NASA
1254584 B. Teixeira de Sousa1, K. Van Der Pols2 Breath in, breath out - how healthy are the batteries? ESA
1254731 M. Kornberg1, G. Buenadicha2, J. Closa3, M. Canela1 SMOS Payload Performance Maintenance LSE Space
1255731 C. Lenzen1, M. T. Wörle1, A. Spörl1, F. Mrowka1, R. Klaehn2 The Algorithm Assembly Set of Plato DLR
1255930 G. B. Faris1, L. Bryant1 Improve Operations: Metrics to Results JPL
1256588 F. Pelletier1, P. Antreasian1, S. Ardalan1, B. Buffington1, K. Criddle1, R. Ionasescu1, R. Jacobson1, J. Jones1, S. Nandi1, S. Nolet1, D. Parcher1, D. Roth1, J. Smith1, P. Thompson1 Cassini Orbit Determination Performance (July 2008 - December 2011) JPL
1257086 H. Krag1, S. Lemmens1, H. Klinkrad1 Consideration of Space Debris Mitigation Requirements in the Operation of LEO Missions ESA
1257123 D. T. Lakey1, M. Denis2, J. Godfrey2, T. Ormston3, K. Van Der Pols3, J. Schulster1, O. Reboud1 FAST: A new MEX Operations concept, quickly! SciSys
1259165 T. D. Pereira1, M. Ferreira1, F. N. Kucinskis1 Using the PLUTO Language on Functional Tests of a Brazilian Satellite’s On-Board Data Handling Computer INPE
1259558 O. Jung1 Analysis on the Long-term Orbital Evolution and Maintenance of KOMPSAT-2 KARI
1259577 O. Jung1 Flight Dynamics Operations for KOMPSAT-5 LEOP KARI
1259898 G. Picart1, M. Smith2 PrestoDecom: a portable SW for HKTM extraction CNES
1261128 B. K. Malphrus1, K. Z. Brown1, J. A. Kruth1, E. T. Thomas1, M. S. Combs1, T. G. Rose1, H. S. Lim1 University Based Nanosatellite Missions and Ground Operations at Morehead State MSU
1261336 D. Bindschadler1, C. Delp1 From Principles to Products: Toward Realizing MOS 2.0 JPL
1261802 T. Hiriart1, L. Marchi1, C. Capararo2 The European contribution to the investigation and preparation of a safe unmanned configuration for the International Space Station CAM
1261897 B. L. Edwards1, K. Wilson2, D. Israel1, J. Moores3, A. Fletcher3 Overview of the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Project NASA
1261910 J. Wang1, X. Zhu1, D. Qiu1 Emergency Scheduling of Multiple Imaging Satellites with Dynamic Merging National University of Defense Technology
1261947 Y. Qu1 Real-time Data Process Software for POAC Space Mission Management System General Establishment of Space Science and Application
1262380 I. Clerigo1, S. Sangiorgi2, J. Volpp2 Avoiding Cluster Safe Modes LSE Space
1262715 C. Steiger1, A. Da Costa1, P. Emanuelli1, R. Floberghagen3, M. Fehringer2 Evolution of Flight Operations for ESA’s Gravity Mission GOCE ESA
1262778 S. Good1, L. Mann1, A. Nicholson1, M. A. Woodard2 LDCM Safe Operations Ascent Design ai Solutions
1262802 S. Good1, A. Nicholson1, M. A. Woodard2 LDCM Flight Dynamics System ai Solutions
1262983 D. S. Berry1, J. R. Guinn1, Z. B. Tarzi1 Automated Spacecraft Conjunction Assessment at Mars and the Moon JPL
1263662 O. Queyrut1, J. Baroukh1, J. Airaud1, G. Pradels1 IMIS: Solutions for Assessing Instruments Health from Anywhere CNES
1263854 B. Holzhauer1, O. Peinado1 Exchanging the Central Storage System during Operations Telespazio
1263858 M. Peter1 Configuration Management in a Ground Station Network ESA
1263870 B. Holzhauer1, O. Peinado1 Protecting mission data against loss Telespazio
1264554 J. Trimble1, C. Webster1 Agile Development Methods for Space Operations NASA
1265256 C. Anne-Lise1, G. Pradels1, D. Lagoutte2 Reusable Toolset for an Easy-to-build Payload Ground Segment CNES
1265363 G. Buenadicha1, S. Burgaud2, B. Raffier2, B. Sanchez Rojo3 SMOS ESA/CNES operations: Multiplying two agencies’ efforts ESA
1266113 H. Wang1 Research on the Environment Investigate and Disaster Reduction Satellite Mission Planning System Academy of Opto-electronics  
1266472 C. Frémeaux1, J. Fourcade1, D. Flamenbaum1, X. Pena1 ESSAIM Cluster Disposal: Orbit Management CNES
1266547 J. L. Gude1 Flight Procedure Management for Small Space Missions DLR
1267135 S. Bhaskaran1 Autonomous Navigation for Deep Space Missions JPL
1267202 R.M. Beswick!,
D.C. Roth
A Gilded Cage: Cassini/Huygens Navigation Ground Data System Engineering for Security JPL
1267444 H. Li1 Design and simulation of pattern reconfigurable antenna based on RF-MEMS BITTT
1268605 J. Lee1, D. Kim2, H. Ahn1, K. Ko1, S. Choi2, O. Jung2, D. Chung2, S. Wang1 Profile Optimization of Satellite Antenna for Angular Jerk Minimization Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
1268845 F. Delhaise1, B. De Vogeleer2, F. Concaro3, M. Landgraf1, G. Sessler1, I. Harrison1 LISA Pathfinder Acquisition of Signal after Launcher Injection and after Apogee Raising Manoeuvres ESA
1269289 L. Haitao1, L. Manhong2, G. Dong1, L. Xiaomei2, Z. Zhingyong1 4×12m Prototype Antenna Array System and Technical Demonstration with Chang’E-2 Lunar Orbiter of China    
1269441 S. Chernikov1, M. Ahmed2, O. Nemri2, B. S. Yendler1 Implementation of Thermal Gauging Method for SpaceBus 3000A (ArabSat 2B) YSPM
1269491 A. Sisask1, M. Koller3, M. Götzelmann2 Master Key Management Facility Logica
1269700 R. A. Foweraker1, C. Rogers2, N. Nelson1, N. Louro1 Fishing in the Telemetry Ocean MakaluMedia
1269750 S. Chung1, D. Bindschadler1 Timeline-based Mission Operations Architecture JPL
1269962 B. Streiffert1, M. Schrock1, F. Fisher1, T. W. Himes1 Auto Sequence Processor-Something Old/New JPL
1270342 B. E. MacNeal1, K. Cheung1 Cost Modeling for Comm Trade Studies JPL
1271545 B. Teixeira de Sousa1, O. Camino1, W. Heinen5, W. zur Borg5, R. Porta2, M. Eiblmaier4, T. Francisco3, M. Sweeney2, R. Perez Bonilla2, J. Fischer2 ESA Venus Express Automation Operations ESA  
1271614 N. N. Korneva1, A. V. Govorov2, V. N. Nazarov1, R. R. Nazirov1 Low-Cost Stereoscopic Solution for Operations in the Prospective Science Space Missions IKI
1271748 H. K. Stetson1, R. W. Shaughnessy1, M. Watson1 HAL 9000 Space Operating System Real Time Planning Engines NASA
1271772 H. K. Stetson1, A. T. Haddock1 Automated Operations for Advanced Exploration NASA
1272193 J. Gratadour1, A. O'Connel1, S. Ricken2, F. Diekmann1, M. Linke3, M. Canela4 ERS-2 platform disposal operations ESA
1272487 E. Fraga1 Limitless Automation: ANY CONOPS GMV
1272497 L. Altenbuchner1, J. Ettl1, M. Hörschgen1, W. Jung1, A. Stamminger1, P. Turner1 MORABA - Overview on DLR's Mobile Rocket Base and Projects DLR
1272635 M. Caron1, I. Mills2 Planning and Execution of Tele-Robotic Maintenance Operations on the ISS CSA
1272937 J. A. Singer1, J. R. Cook1, C. E. Singer1 NASA Space Launch System Operations Strategy NASA
1272995 P. B. Souza1, M. Ferreira1 A Mathematical Model to Predict Operating States of Satellites INPE
1273363 C. Winandy1, M. Ferreira1 Development process for automatically generated plans for satellites control based on UML INPE
1273405 D. R. Thompson1, S. Chien1, T. A. Estlin1, R. J. Doyle1, D. A. MacLaren1 Agile science operations: a new approach for primitive bodies exploration JPL
1273814 M. Cheng2, D. Lee2, P. Estabrook2, H. C. Shaw1, Y. F. Wong1, M. Flynn3 An Evaluation of New Coding and Modulation Schemes for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Network NASA
1273979 J. Wiggins1, E. Felt1 US Air Force Mobile Range Efficiencies USAF
1274606 E. Montagnon1 A Different Approach to System Tests ESA
1274616 J. Bauer1, J. Schulster2, M. Müller3, M. Denis3 Saving Fuel on Mars Express Using 'LowFAT', a Torque Neutral Attitude LSE Space
1274619 T. Ikeda1, K. Kuraoka1, M. Uesugi1 JEM/HTV OPS System Status in ’11 Disaster JAXA
1274637 S. Shi1, G. Dong1, X. Xin1 The Error Analysis of Mars Approach Navigation and Its Application BITTT  
1274655 A. I. Gómez de Castro1, B. Shustov2, N. Sánchez1, M. Sachkov2, P. Sestito1, O. Malkov2, J. M. Lozano3, Y. Kazakevich4, J. Yanez The WSO-UV space telescope operation from UCM Universidad Complutense de Madrid
1274658 M. G. Kirsch1, J. Huebner1, J. Martin1, R. Southworth1 Synergy of operations of ESA's high energy astrophysical missions ESA
1274661 A. Ledkov1, R. R. Nazirov1, N. Eismont1, V. N. Nazarov1 Spacecraft Transfer from Interplanetary to Low Near Planet Orbit by Use of Aerobraking in Venus Atmosphere IKI
1274662 S. Loew1, J. Herman1, D. Schulze1 Modes and More - Finding the Right Attitude for TET DLR
1274713 D. Schulze1, J. Herman1, S. Loew1 Formation Flight in Low-Earth-Orbit at 150 m Distance - AOCS In-Orbit Experience DLR
1274781 T. Dreischer1, B. Thieme1, M. Bacher1, K. Buchheim1, P. Hyvönen2 OPTEL-µ: A Compact System for Optical Downlink from LEO Satellites RUAG Space
1274816 X. Pena1, C. W. Brown2 Operational Collision Risk Assessment of Calipso and Landsat-5 Crossings CNES
1274823 F. Wallrapp1, A. Lex1 Requirements Management and Verification at GSOC – Experience gained and current development DLR
1274874 Y. H. Lee1, F. Moreno2, D. D. Stapleton2, D. E. Eagles1 Mitigating Human Exploration Missions Risks by Utilizing the International Space Station Test Bed for Analog Research (ISTAR) JPL
1274906 K. Reinholtz1 Timeline as Unifying Concept for Spacecraft Operations JPL
1275004 J. Rush1, K. Schultz2 Results of the Optical Link Study Group NASA
1275058 F. D. Kucinskis1, M. Ferreira1 Modeling the Operation of Satellite Payloads for On-Board, Goal-Based Planning INPE
1275067 R. Grubbs1 Digital Motion Imagery & Video, Interoperability Challenges for Space Operations NASA
1275080 H. Wu1, Z. Li1, J. Hu1, L. Tang1, C. Li1 Satellite Visualization Tool Based on the ArcGIS Engine and OpenGL Academy of Opto-electronics
1275094 R. Kahle1, B. Schlepp1, S. Aida1, M. Kirschner1 Flight Dynamics Operations of the Tandem-X Formation DLR
1275095 P. B. Brun1, O. Peinado2 From SD to HD – Video Update Challenges INSYEN
1275101 J. Herman1, K. B. Chin2, A. Davis3, M. Kinzler4, S. Scholz1, M. Steinhoff1 Life with a Weak Heart Prolonging the Grace Mission Despite Degraded Batteries DLR
1275102 J. Martinez1, T. Francisco2, A. Donati2 More observability for less bandwidth … where's the trick? Black Hat
1275109 J. Martinez1, A. Donati2, B. Teixeira de Sousa2, J. Fischer3 DrMUST – a Data Mining Approach for Anomaly Investigation Black Hat
1275114 J. Herman1, M. Steinhoff1 Balancing, Turning, Saving Special AOCS Operations to extend the GRACE Mission DLR
1275115 R. Axmann1, S. Arnold1 Satellite Design Aspects Relevant to Mission Operations DLR
1275117 D. Evans1, U. Moschini1 Ten Times More Information in Your Real-Time TM ESA
1275119 P. Estabrook2, M. Cheng2, C. Lau2, A. Argueta2, D. Lee2, H. C. Shaw1, Y. F. Wong1 SCaN Network Receivers for Future Service Support NASA
1275123 J. Martinez1, A. Donati2, M. G. Kirsch2, F. Schmidt3 New Telemetry Monitoring Paradigm with Novelty Detection Black Hat
1275125 H. Wang1, M. Fan1, G. Dong1, H. Li1, X. Xin1 Orbital Support to the Chinese Chang'E-2 Spacecraft BITTT
1275131 M. Legendre1, D. Montero1, D. Fayard1 Commonalities and Specificities of On Board Control Procedures (OBCP) within MTG and EPS-SG EUMETSAT Programmes EUMETSAT  
1275132 G. Williams1, S. Burns1 Operational Training and Knowledge Management Strategy and Realisation at EUMETSAT EUMETSAT
1275160 P. Beavis1, M. Götzelmann1 Evolution of a Low-Cost Ground Station Network VEGA Space  
1275173 E. Maurer1, S. Zimmermann1, F. Mrowka1, H. Hofmann1 Dual satellite operations in close formation flight DLR
1275174 H. Oliveira1, A. Lais1, T. Francisco3, A. Donati2 Enabling visualization of large telemetry data sets Solenix
1275179 G. Galet1, M. Duhaze1 The Benefits of Lessons Learned from the Operations of In-flight Satellites to Federate the Future Missions CNES
1275189 M. Niezette1 An Approach to Payload Data Ground Segment Development based on Component Re-use VEGA Space
1275195 M. Blanchet1 SANA: CCSDS Space Protocols Parameters Registries Viagenie
1275197 M. Niezette1 The VEGA Planning Toolkit: A Flexible Tool for Planning Systems Development VEGA Space
1275204 M. G. Kirsch1, J. Martin1, M. Pantaleoni2, R. Southworth1, F. Schmidt3, D. Webert4, U. Weissmann3 Cage Instability of XMM-Newton’s Reaction Wheels Discovered during the Development of an Early Degradation Warning System ESA
1275205 J. Ye1, W. Sun1, S. Song1, P. Wan1 SpaceDTN: delay-tolerant network protocol architecture for Space Internet BITTT  
1275206 D. Montero1, M. Legendre1, M. Buemi1, D. Fayard1 Improving Post-EPS Mission Availability and Cost Effectiveness    
1275209 B. Grishechkin1, A. Braun1, M. Wickler1 Clouds Handling for Planning of Optical Space Missions DLR
1275210 R. Ballweg1, F. Wallrapp1, Y. Gataullin1 EDRS operations at GSOC – relevant heritage and new developments DLR
1275219 N. Di Nisio1, C. Bodemann2, S. Toribio1, C. Schurig1 Simulating Heterogeneous Constellations ESA
1275220 M. Fan1, L. Huang1, Y. Huang2, H. Zhao1 Data Processing and Error Analysis of X-Band Measurements for China’s Chang’E-2 Lunar Exploration Spacecraft BITTT  
1275247 D. Junker1 Taking Advantage of Uncertainty In Mission Planning LSE Space
1275248 T. Mueller1 Col-CC Voice System Migration during On-Going Operations DLR
1275262 T. Pirrone1, J. Heberle1 Integrating a Global TT&C Network USN
1275279 G. Godard1, E. Stoll1, R. Schulze1, C. Anderson, B. D'Souza Integrating Advanced Calibration Techniques into Routine Spacecraft Operations RapidEye
1275283 P. Shames1, M. Levesque1, M. L. Anderson2, S. Kowal2, P. D. Barnes3, O. V. Sindiy1, K. M. Donahue1 NASA Integrated Network Monitor & Control Software Architecture JPL
1275285 L. Huang1, M. Fan1, T. Yu1 Application of Three-way Measurement Technique for Lunar Landing and Lunar Lifting off BITTT  
1275286 F. Chatel1, A. Braun1, R. P. Faller1, M. Schmidhuber1 Tradeoffs in Design-to-Budget Projects DLR
1275293 M. Duhaze1, A. Laurent1, G. Picart1 Full scheduling of the CCC operations: POPS CNES
1275295 J. Soula1, P. Liebrecht2, M. Schmidt3, M. Pilgram4, H. Inoue5, L. Salotti6, P. Allan7, S. Ahn8, V. Ashurkov9, S. K. Shivakumar10 The Interagency Operations Advisory Group – A Decade of Leadership in International Space Cooperation CNES
1275309 J. M. Valenti1, A. Monham5, K. McCarthy2, C. Keegan5, W. G. Munley3, P. D. Smith4 MetOp’s Antarctic Data Acquisition Project - An International Partnership Success NOAA
1275361 J. Reiter1, S. Ryan1 Multi-Mission Operator Training Practices LASP
1275405 F. Cornelissen1, M. Neerincx2, L. Breebaart3, P. Dujardin4, M. Wolff5 Gamification for Astronaut Training Nspyre
1275408 B. Deguine1, R. Bertrand1, C. Sartini1, A. Moreau1, D. Delmas1 Disposal Operation Strategies for Remote Sensing Satellite Fleets in Nominal and Emergency Situations CNES
1275419 R. Smith-Dearring2, G. Williams1, C. Grant1, O. Kozymka1, A. Monham1 Gain without Pain: Increasing System Capability During the Operational Lifetime EUMETSAT
1275459 S. Chien1, G. Rabideau1, R. Knight1, B. Smith1, A. Cesta2, N. Policella3, G. Verfaille4, J. Frank5, C. Lenzen6 A generalized timeline representation, services, and interface for automating space mission operations JPL
1275467 C. Grasso1 VML 3.0 Reactive Sequencing Objects and Matrix Math Operations for Attitude Profiling Blue Sun
1275471 Z. Li1, H. Li1 The Study of Lunar Noise Influence on the Ground Station BITTT  
1275488 H. Yim1, I. Jeong1, D. Chung2 Enhancement of Collision Probability Accuracy Using Improved Orbit Predictions Method University of Science and Technology Daejeon
1275493 D. Gerasimatos1, A. A. Attiyah1 Engineering a Multimission Approach to Navigation Ground Data System Operations JPL
1275494 Z. Zhu1, M. Xu2, M. Fan1, Z. Li1, Y. Lu3 Design of Navigation and Communication Constellation for Lunar South Pole Exploration BITTT  
1275496 W. Z. Rexroad1, D. Smith1 Web Based Monitoring of Balloon Flights University of California
1275497 M. Lee1, D. Hyun1, H. Baek1, S. Park1, H. Chu1, D. Chung1, E. Kim1 The Training Concept Status and Improvement Strategy for Flight Operation Team of KOMPSAT KARI
1275505 E. Soerensen1 Chinese Lunar missions Chang’E-1 and Chang’E-2 and the ESOC support: an example of systems interoperability ESA
1275509 D. Biamonti1, D. M. Novak1 A conjunction analysis tool employing state of the art algorithms, software technologies and user interface. Logica
1275510 H. Ruiz1, J. Soula1, M. Palin1, F. Vincent-Franc1, M. Recoules1, I. Hernandez-Marcelin1 CNES Ground Network renewal: challenges to increase capacity and to reduce costs CNES
1275512 P. Brunet1, B. Frezouls1, A. Montmory2 Big data challenges, an insight into the GAIA Hadoop solution CNES
1275514 Y. Hwang1, B. Lee1, J. Kim1, H. Kim2 Design and Implementation for KOMPSAT-5 Orbit Determination Operations ETRI
1275518 C. Martinie1, P. Palanque1, D. Navarre1, E. Poupart2 A Systematic Approach to Training for Ground Segment Using Tasks and Scenarios: Application to PICARD Satellite University of Toulouse
1275526 J. Lachiver1 Pléiades: operational programming first results CNES
1275532 T. Hu1, X. Huang1 A Stochastic Time Delay Model for Space Teleoperation BITTT
1275539 M. F. Barschke1, S. Özkan1, M. J. Johnson2 Mission Control for Citizen Space Exploration UKSEDS
1275540 R. Mugellesi Dow1, D. Guerrucci1, R. Cano Argamasilla1 Knowledge Management in Support of Spacecraft Operations ESA
1275544 A. Donati1, R. Bertrand1, J. Martinez2, N. Policella3 Why Introduce Innovative Technology in Operations? Black Hat
1275545 C. Iacopino1, P. Palmer1, N. Policella2, A. Donati2, A. Brewer3 Highly Responsive MPS for Dynamic EO Scenarios Surrey Space Centre
1275587 M. Pantaleoni1, J. Martin2, M. G. Kirsch2, U. Weissmann3, F. Schmidt3, D. Webert4, C. Lozano3, F. Dreger2, R. Kresken5, T. Strandberg6 XMM-Newton’s operational challenge of changing the attitude control to 4 active reaction wheels, after 12 years of routine operations RHEA
1275590 A. Werkman1, R. Mosenkis1, C. Picard1 ATV and ISS Flight Controller Training Astrium
1275597 F. J. Diekmann1, J. Gratadour1, X. Marc1, M. Canela3, W. Lengert2 A Satellite Retires – The ERS-2 Deorbiting in Summer 2011 ESA
1275611 G. Verzino1, E. Tronci2, Y. Yushtein3, F. Cavaliere1, G. Minei1, F. Mari2, I. Melatti2, I. Salvo2 Model Checking Driven Simulation of Sat Procedures Telespazio
1275622 M. Schmidt1, D. Salt2 Herschel Pointing Accuracy Improvement ESA
1275634 C. S. Brandon1 A Navigation Test Flight for a Lunar CubeSat Vermont Technical College
1275653 J. M. Delfa1, N. Policella3, A. Donati3, M. Gallant3, R. Bertrand3, Y. Gao1, O. von Stryk2 RoBen: Introducing a Benchmarking Tool for Planetary Rover Planning & Scheduling Algorithms Technical University Darmstadt
1275661 L. de la Taille1, G. Williams1, F. Montagner1, R. Dyer2 Adding a Recurrent Satellite to an Existing Operational System EUMETSAT
1275667 O. Qaise1, D. Birreck1, A. Moorhouse Operational Concept of the First Commercial Small-Geo Based Mission OHB
1275675 M. Bartesaghi1, R. Letor2, J. Volpp3 Evolution of Cluster Mission Planning Telespazio
1275680 L. Xi1, X. Chen1, Y. Xie1 The operations of China’s first lunar rover BACC
1275683 B. Yaglioglu1, V. Tesmer2, E. Imre1, M. Scheper2 Mission Operations to Improve Space Mission Protection TUBITAK
1275779 M. Watson1, G. W. Kelley1 Application of System Operational Effectiveness to Launch Vehicle Development and Operations NASA
1275780 E. Taylor1, M. Unal 1, H. Dreihahn1, M. Markert1 ESTRACK Long Term Load Analysis Thorn SDS
1275781 R. Messaros1, H. Wacker2, M. Geyer2, C. Stangl2, S. Korner2 Shaping Generic Mission Control Infrastructure into Multi-Mission System Tailored to Specific Operational Concepts Siemens
1275783 N. Eismont1, A. Ledkov1, D. W. Dunham2, R. Nazirov1 Optimal Transfer to Solar-Terrestrial Collinear Libration Points IKI
1275818 W. S. Tai1, N. Wright2, K. Bhasin3, M. Prior2, J. Schier4, P. Liebrecht4 NASA Integrated Space Communications Network JPL
1275852 E. A. Ribeiro1, M. Gonçalve Vieira Ferreira1 A proposal for an architecture to space mission planning in order to solve the problem of flight plan replanning using the technique of planning and scheduling in area of artificial intelligence INPE
1275854 T. D. Shult1, D. P. Massey2 Using Modular Software to Meet Dynamic Customer Demands USN
1275870 T. M. Weise1 Automation and Process Improvement Enables a Small Team to Operate a Low Thrust Mission in Orbit Around the Asteroid Vesta JPL
1275877 M. L. Anderson2, W. S. Tai1, N. Wright2 NASA Integrated Network COOP JPL
1275886 E. Pilger1, J. Trimble2, T. Sorensen1 A New Paradigm for Visualizing Telemetry Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory  
1275887 G. Havens1, J. Beerer1 Designing Mission Operations for the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Mission JPL
1275890 V. Hwang1 Revamping Spacecraft Operational Intelligence JPL
1275893 J. Canales Romero1, E. Pasco Barriga1 Sounding Rocket Program in Peru CONIDA
1275915 C. A. Polanskey1, S. P. Joy2, C. A. Raymond1 Efficacy of the Dawn Vesta Science Plan JPL
1275946 W. Bao-Hua1, F. Dong2 Satellite Control System Based on Operation Prediction  
1275952 J. Canales Romero1 Peruvian University Consortium in the QB50 Project CONIDA
1275978 J. Choi1, A. Sanders1 Cost-Effective Telemetry and Command Ground Systems Automation Strategy for the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission JPL
1276267 M. E. Morais2, A. Ambrosio1 Requirement Evaluation Metric Applied on an University Small Satellite INPE
1276528 D. W. Scott1, H. Cowart1, D. J. Stevens2 Simplify Ops Voice Comm and Log Keeping NASA
1278273 I. Hernandez-Marcelin1, P. Charlot1, D. Servant1 The new CNES station scheduling system: both an operational and simulation tool CNES
1278876 P. Steele1, F. Flentge1, J. Schuetz1, M. Pecchioli1 ESOC New Generation M&C User Interfaces ESA
1279125 M. Koller1, D. Fischer1, P. Bargellini1, M. Pignede1, A. Manchado2 Preparing Future Mission Data Systems for Secure Space Communications ESA
1279153 D. Fischer1 Risk Assessment – How to get it right ESA
1279621 M. Blanchet1, S. Perreault1, J. Dionne1 Postellation: an Enhanced Delay-Tolerant Network (DTN) Implementation with Video Streaming and Automated Network Attachment Viagenie
1279626 H. Baek1 Operation concept of overseas ground stations for KOMPSAT series KARI
1279653 M. Goetzelmann1, R. Abello2, H. Dreihahn2, M. Karch1 High Rate Telemetry Transfer – CCSDS SLE and Beyond VEGA Space
1279819 L. Foiadelli1, J. Reynolds1, T. Beck1, D. Warren1 Remote Operations of ESTRACK During Critical Mission Phases ESA
1279933 M. S. Reis1, M. Ferreira1, A. Ambrosio1 VVTest: An Environment for Test Information Management to Support Verification and Validation Processes INPE
1279934 S. Klai1, E. Sevinc1, D. Moreau2, C. Muller2 CUBIST: Semantic Business Intelligence Supporting Payload Operations SAS
1279959 L. P. Dubon1, M. M. Jackson1, M. S. Thornton1 Using Quality Attributes to Bridge Systems Engineering Gaps: A Juno Ground Data System Case Study JPL
1279960 S. Hurley1, E. Martin1, B. Williams1, P. Viens1, M. Juda2 Adapting to the Challenges of Extended Mission: How Chandra Changed High Radiation Safing Northrop Grumman
1280790 A. Sela1, N. Mihalache1, K. Litefti2 Yamcs - A Lightweight Open-Source Mission Control System SAS
1280958 A. Sela1, A. Michel2, K. Vijle1 The SOLAR Mission Tool - An Integrated Ops Tool SAS
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