Data & Communications System Facilities (DCSF)

All aspects of ground facilities necessary for space operations including all H/W-components like antennas, networks
and associated S/W-components:

  • Antenna technology:
    Antenna networks, modulation technologies, antenna design
  • Communications:
    Network design and technologies, network modelling / simulation,
    space link and space internet working, network management
  • Operations applications and tools:
    TM/TC processing, operations tools, operations support tools
  • Control center design and architecture:
    Control center design, data distribution, data archiving,
    virtualization, maintenance and refurbishing (strategy)


Topic Chair:
Rolf Kozlowski (DLR/SSC)

If there are enough abstract submissions for the topics DCSF, CSO and LBO, these sessions may be allocated to an additional conference day in Kiruna on 18 June. We particularly encourage speakers to submit abstracts for these topics.

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