Launcher, Rocket & Balloon Operations (LBO)

Rockets and balloons provide valuable platforms for upper-atmospheric and microgravity experiments as well as the familiar access to space. This topic focuses on the specific intricacies of rocket and balloon operations as well as the challenges of preflight and testing activities, ground and facility operations, launch, in-flight and recovery operations. Papers discussing all operational aspects of rocket and balloon flight from concept through implementation to flight and final recovery and evaluation are invited for this topic:

  • Balloon operations
  • Educational & scientific (sounding) rocket operations
  • Suborbital launch operations
  • Microgravity research
  • Launch site / launch operations concepts
  • Payload and customer integration
  • Simplifying the launch readiness process
  • Launch site selection, operations, infrastructure and conversion
  • Real-time launch and range safety operations
  • Launch monitoring strategies: tracking, sensors, cameras, etc.
  • Special challenges of commercial launch operations
  • Vehicle and payload recovery


Topic Chair:
Tony Lancaster (SSC/DLR)

If there are enough abstract submissions for the topics DCSF, CSO and LBO, these sessions may be allocated to an additional conference day in Kiruna on 18 June. We particularly encourage speakers to submit abstracts for these topics.

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