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SSC, formerly the Swedish Space Corporation, enables governmental agencies, companies and other commercial or research institutes to make better use of space. SSC's technologies and services enable successful space projects for the telecommunications, security, meteorology, positioning, scientific research, remote sensing or other industries. Through the unflagging efforts of its 600 employees, SSC provides specialized competence in satellite subsystems, space operations, rocket and balloon systems, launch services, flight test services and maritime surveillance. Supporting customers with local presence on all continents, the SSC Group of companies offer extensive application-specific solutions comprised of systems, sub-systems, instruments, technology and support services. 40 years of experience make SSC one of the most experienced and established businesses in its field. SSC helps customers gain new understanding of the potential resources in space – as well as to utilize space for the benefit of business and mankind on Earth.

DLR's German Space Operations Center is the central institution for spaceflight operations in Germany. This responsibility includes satellite missions for earth observation, communication and technology missions as well as for the exploration of the solar system and human spaceflight missions. GSOC hosts and operates the Columbus Control Center, a European contribution for the International Space Station. Furthermore, sounding rockets are developed and launched from sites around the world. Eventually, DLR works on new technologies, such as on-orbit-servicing in order to master even the most difficult space projects of the future. In close cooperation with other DLR institutions and together with public and industrial partners, groundbreaking space projects are realized and new ideas for spaceflight of tomorrow are developed. As a versatile interface between technology, operations and utilization, DLR GSOC serves everyone involved in spaceflight and the general public.

SpaceOps 2012 is commonly arranged by DLR and SSC supported by Congrex Sweden and the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA).



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